How Can Small Business Find Success with Sales Funnels

As a small business owner looking to find success with sales funnels, Kartra should be your marketing tool. The reason is not far-fetched as it can be challenging to build and manage all the techie stuff associated with sales funnels.

It can also be costly because of the monthly fees for the various tools needed to create an effective sales funnel. You’ll also need to be hopeful that all the tools you have chosen will integrate nicely.

But, the chance for that to happen is not encouraging. You may have to set things rolling manually, an act that defeats the goal of having a sales funnel in the first place.

The goal of any sales funnel is to create a machine that will find leads and convert them into paying customers. It also keeps your business growing without requiring your physical involvement in the process.

Since many marketing tools cannot carry out the process from start to finish, you might wonder what about Kartra? The answer is simple. Kartra has what it takes to handle your sales funnel from start to finish from a single account, thereby reducing the cost of subscriptions to various marketing tools.

That’s good news for small business owners as they can now afford to subscribe only once and get all the tools needed for building the required sales funnel. Kartra does this for dozens of customers every day.

What is Kartra?

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Kartra is not only a sales funnel builder. It is also a page builder and a marketing automation platform specially designed for business owners who want to sell their products and services online.

It is different from other marketing tools in that it takes the whole-package approach. It combines all the sales marketing essentials such as sales page, email systems, payment gateways, membership sites, etc. and makes them available on one platform account.

Kartra Tools

Here is a summary of the various tools within Kartra and what they have to offer your business;

  • Website and Page builder

Kartra’s website builder is easy-to-use with its drag and drop feature. You can select from one of the templates and edit to suit your business needs. The idea is to make it easier and faster to set up your business website. You can also start from scratch.

  • Email Campaign Builder

You’ll agree that a sales funnel is nothing without a proper email marketing campaign, preferably an automated email campaign. Kartra offers its email campaign builder in conjunction with its auto-responder, automation tool, and funnel builder features. With these combinations, you have all you need to scale your business at your fingertips.

  • Products and Payments

With Kartra, you can create a range of products of any type, such as offering online courses, selling eBooks, etc. and then create payment processing options. Some of the options available are PayPal, credit card, Stripe, and others.

Final Verdict

We will not be able to tell you about Kartra’s features like Analytics, scheduling calendar, affiliate management, and several others. There are so many to talk about, but you can discover them by picking up Kartra as your business marketing tool.